AAAAAAAnd We’re Back!

It’s hard for me to believe that I started my brief hiatus almost two months ago. It’s been a whirlwind of fun times and moving and exploring our new home and I can’t believe I let this much time go by before picking up where we left off.

So, let’s quickly catch up on the past few months and I’ll briefly touch on what’s to come in the immediate future!

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I am surrounded by beauty and abundance.

I’m not talking about abundance in terms of wealth… rather, in more meaningful ways. Love. Happiness. Beauty. Joy.

A few weeks ago, after a handful of worrisome days, life proved to me yet again that time spent worrying is wasteful; that my life is abundant and the path forward will always show itself… if I just trust it. If I trust that I am surrounded by beauty and abundance.


When it comes to party apps, I’m all about making things that require little effort, but still look fancy. And since this season of The Bachelorette premiers on Monday, these are a perfect solution! If you have fingers and can operate a pizza cutter, I promise, you can make these Easy Rose Pizza Bites. Continue reading “Easy Rose Pizza Bites”

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