Ornament Week: The Three Broomsticks Tavern Sign

Welcome back to Day 4 of Ornament Week!

If you are just now joining us for ornament week, you can catch up by checking out the other ornament week posts:

Today’s DIY Ornament inspiration: The Three Broomsticks Tavern Sign!

DIY The Three Broomsticks Ornament.jpg

Is this really the third Harry Potter related ornament I’m posting in a row? Yes, yes it absolutely is. Now, this isn’t what the actual sign looks like, but I rather like my interpretation.

Universal Orlando trip report - August 2011.


Plan Layout

First, just went out into my yard and found a stick I liked. I snapped my sticks to the length I thought would work for this ornament and arranged them on the wood round.

01 The Three Broomsticks Ornament.jpg

This helped me identify how much room I had for the lettering.

02 The Three Broomsticks Ornament.jpg

Paint the Lettering

I first used a colored pencil to decide where my lettering would go.

03 The Three Broomsticks Ornament

Then, I painted over it with brown craft paint and a fine point paint brush.

04 The Three Broomsticks Ornament

Make the Brooms

While the painted lettering dried, I made the tiny broomsticks. Using my hot glue gun, I attached pine needles (again, collected from my backyard) to one end of each stick.

05 The Three Broomsticks Ornament

Next, I wrapped twine around the pine needles where they join the broomstick, securing it with hot glue.

06 The Three Broomsticks Ornament

Finally, I used scissors to trim the pine needles to an appropriate length.

07 The Three Broomsticks Ornament

Assemble the Sign

I used my hot glue gun to secure the brooms to the wood disc.

08 The Three Broomsticks Ornament.jpg

09 The Three Broomsticks Ornament.jpg

Add a Twine Loop for Hanging

The wood disc I used had a pre-drilled hole in the top. I threaded a lenth of twine through it and tied a knot so I could hang it.

10 The Three Broomsticks Ornament

Add to Your Tree

I simply slid the twine loop onto a tree branch.

DIY The Three Broomsticks Ornament 2.jpg

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