Ornament Week: Mandrake in Flower Pot

Welcome back to Day 2 of Ornament Week!

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Today’s DIY Ornament inspiration: a mandrake!


It’s finally time. This is the year that I finally have a Harry Potter themed tree. And today’s ornament is a grimacing, angry, ugly little mandrake. No muffs required.

Hermione Mandrake.png


Mold the Mandrake Body

To start, I made a frame for my mandrake’s little body out of foil and wire. With the wire, I planned out the two arms and three little vines coming out the top of his head.

01 Mandrake Ornament.png

After kneading the clay for a bit so that it was pliable, I started applying it to the foil and wire frame. I used my fingers to sculpt his general shape.

02 Mandrake Ornament.png

I kept the small flower pot nearby so I could keep checking the size and make sure he fit in there securely.

03 Mandrake Ornament.png

I then used a few different tools to sculpt his little face and add details to his body. I also twisted additional little vines around the ones on top of his head and created little vine-like fingers for him. When I was happy with how he looked, I baked him according to the package directions on the box of clay.

05 Mandrake Ornament

Paint the Mandrake

Once my mandrake was cooled, I I used a dark brown paint to fill in all the little creases and crevices.

11 Mandrake Ornament.png

Then I gently added another layer of beige paint, being careful to not apply it in all the creases and crevices to create shading.

12 Mandrake Ornament.png

Then I touched up the crease shading and did some blending with the darker color and a super fine paint brush.

13 Mandrake Ornament

Glue the Mandrake in his Flower Pot

I used E-6000 glue to secure the mandrake inside his flower pot.

14 Mandrake Ornament.png

Add Twine for Hanging

I used E-6000 glue to secure a length of twine to two sides of the flower pot so I can hang him on my tree. I made sure to make it long enough to account for the leaves that I was going to add on top.

17 Mandrake Ornament.png

Add Foliage to Vines

Finally, I pulled out some faux leaves leftover from another project to add to the top of the mandrake. I had to cut some of them down to size. I secured them to the tops of the vines with a little dollop of hot glue.

19 Mandrake Ornament

Add to Your Tree

Using the twine loop, I hung my angry little dude on my tree, making sure not to get the foliage tangled.

DIY Mandrake Ornament 2.jpg

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