Ornament Week: Baby Yoda

Welcome to Ornament Week 2019! A whole week of unique DIY ornament tutorials posted every day!

Today’s DIY Ornament inspiration: Baby Yoda!

DIY Baby Yoda Ornament.jpg

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then chances are whether you’ve been watching The Mandalorian or not, you’re obsessed with Baby Yoda. For those of you that don’t know, he’s not actually Baby Yoda… but we don’t know The Child’s name, yet, and therefore, refer to him as Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda in Hover Egg

Merch isn’t going to be available until, like, February, but I wouldn’t let that stop me from adding Baby Yoda to my Christmas tree this year.


Make the Hover Egg

First, I made the little egg that Baby Yoda floats around in. I got these egg-shaped plastic ornaments that split vertically down the middle, and sawed one of the halves in half using a serrated knife. It took a little patience.

01 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

I then used some sand paper to smooth out any roughness.

02 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

Next, I used some E-6000 glue to secure the two halves together.

03 Baby Yoda Ornament

Once that was dry, I painted the whole thing white, added silver accents with silver gilding paint, and sealed it with a clear acrylic sealer.

09 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

Make Baby Yoda

To make the little guy, I started with a frame of foil and wire. I didn’t add anything for arms and legs because I was planning to have the fabric cover any of those details.

04 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

After kneading the clay for a bit so that it was pliable, I started applying it to the foil and wire frame. I used my fingers to sculpt his general shape. I kept the egg nearby so I could keep checking the size and make sure he fit in there securely. I made sure there was extra clay on the base of his “body” (or lack thereof) so I would have plenty of contact with the egg later on when I wanted to glue him in place.

05 Baby Yoda Ornament

I then used a few different tools to sculpt his little face. When I was happy with how he looked, I baked him according to the package directions on the clay.

07 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

Once he was cool, I painted him with a base layer of dark green paint.

10 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

Then I gently added another layer of lighter green paint, being careful to not apply it in all the creases and crevices to create shading.

11 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

Then, I touched up the crease shading with the darker green again.

12 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

Next, I painted his eyes with a glossy black paint.

13 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

Finally, I cut out a piece of scrap fabric to wrap around him and secured it with a hot glue gun.

15 Baby Yoda Ornament

Put it All Together

I applied a little E-6000 glue to the bottom of the little dude and set him in his egg, applying pressure until it felt secure.

16 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

Finally, I wrapped some wire around a crochet hook (you could use a pencil, pen, etc.) a few times and glued it to the top of the egg with E-6000 for the ornament hook.

18 Baby Yoda Ornament

19 Baby Yoda Ornament.png

Add to Your Tree


I used just a wire hanger, but you could also use ribbon or string to suspend the egg from your tree.

DIY Baby Yoda Ornament

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