Thanksgiving Botanical Gallery Update (plus free printables)

Welcome November!

While many people like to jump straight into Christmas decor the day after Halloween, I opt to savor the autumn season for a little longer. An ironic thing to claim with a foot of snow outside and a guest bedroom cluttered with Christmas crafts that I have planned for the blog in December.

Thanksgiving Botanical Gallery Update 2

So, as I remove the spooky spiders, bats, and toads from my Botanical Print Gallery, I’m adding some more harvest-themed prints in celebration of Thanksgiving. In addition to botanical illustrations, I’ve also included animals like turkeys and owls.

Thanksgiving Botanical Gallery Update 1

As always, I’ve included links to the free printables. Again, I used a parchment paper backing for the undersized prints.

Mushroom Botanical.jpg

Here are the printables I found for my update:


Corn Botanical Print

Oak Leaves

Oak Leaves Botanical Print


Moose Biodiversity Illustration


Owl Biodiversity Illustraion




Tomato Botanical Print

Turkeys (link 1, link 2 , link 3)


Wheat Botanical Print



Mushrooms (link 1, link 2, link 3)

I want to see your botanical gallery updates! Tag me on Instagram so I can check it out!

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