Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Order on Amazon Prime

Welp, Halloween is this week and you haven’t figured out your costume yet. You want something relevant and maybe a bit cheeky, that can get to your doorstep in 2 days and requires minimal effort. Don’t worry… I’ve got you covered.

Moira Rose in The Crows Have Eyes 2

Season 5 of Schitt’s Creek hit Netflix this month and Moira’s newest project, The Crows Have Eyes 2, is a major plot point throughout the season. You can rock her character in the film, Dr. Clara Mandrake easily with just a few items. Bonus points if you memorize her monologue.

Moira Rose

Get the Look:

Glue some feathers to the lab coat and style the wig for a quick and easy costume. Go heavy on the eyeliner, and paint your nose black.

Lab Coat      Wig      Black Feathers

Don and the Giant Impeach

You wanted relevant, you got it. The pun came from Stephen Colbert’s new show segment and easily translates into a costume.

Don and the Giant Impeach 2

Get the Look:

Pair these two costumes together for a hilarious costume.

Peach Costume      Wig, Maga Hat, Red Tie Set

The Great British Baking Show Contestant

The 7th season is currently airing 1 episode per week on Netflix. An apron and a cake prop is about as easy as it gets.

The Great British Baking Show

Get the Look:

Throw on an apron over your normal clothes and carry around your showstopper. Bonus if you wear an anxious expression as though Paul Hollywood is about to critique your crumb.

Apron       Cake Prop

The Colorado Wall

Number 45 made another embarrassing mistake when he claimed he was building  a border wall in Colorado (which is not a state that shares a border with Mexico. And then tried to cover it up. It’s like the Alabama hurricane incident all over again.


Get the Look:

Glue some faux marijuana leaves on this wall onsie to become the Colorado Wall.

Wall Onsie       Marijuana Leaves

Elizabeth Warren

Liz has got a plan for everything. So plan to be her for Halloween.

Elizabeth Warren

Get the Look:

Pair a purple blazer with a short blond wig and rimless glasses.

Wig     Glasses      Purple Blazer

And That’s The Tea-Rex

Sophie Turner has taken to using the phrase “And That’s The Tea” in her instagram stories. Wear this T-Rex costume and carry around a tea pot all night for this punny take on the phrase.

And Thats The Tea

Get the Look:

Slip into a super comfy T-Rex onsie and use a teapot as your drinking vessel for the night.

T-Rex Onsie      Tea Pot

Lizzo’s Flute

Sasha! Lizzo’s flute even has her own Instagram.

Lizzo's Flute 1Sasha's Instagram

Get the Look:

Use a sharpie to draw the details of a flute on this silvery dress.

Silver Dress     Sharpie

Suzie from Stranger Things

So you want to dress up as a character from this season of Stranger Things but you already know like 12 people who bought Scoops Ahoy costumes. Enter: Suzie. Suzie, who is Dustin’s girlfriend from camp, barely had any screen time compared the the main cast but her character is definitely memorable, thanks in large part to that lovely rendition of “A Never Ending Story.” Get the look below.


Get the Look:

Nightgown     Glasses

Influencer Promoting a Meal Kit

You can’t scroll a single swipe on your feed without seeing a sponsored post of a former The Bachelor contestant promoting a meal kit service. Throw an apron over your most neutral athleisure wear and carry around a paper bag of faux produce. Print off your favorite meal kit service logo and affix it to your apron or paper bag. Bonus points if you talk about how easy and stress-free meal kits have made your life all night.

Ashley I

Get the Look:

Apron     Faux Produce

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