Velvet Pumpkin Garland

Over the past few years we’ve witnessed the rise of the velvet pumpkin in autumnal decor. You can buy them anywhere from Michael’s to Target to Jo-Ann’s. I do like the home-made ones better, however, because you get them to be extra lumpy and irregular.

Full Size Velvet Pumpkins

I’ve been meaning to make my own and this year (thanks in large part to a sprained ankle) I finally got around to it. There are a million tutorials already out there, so I won’t go into detail on that. But with my leftover fabric, I wanted to make a little garland for my mantle to mirror the colorful pom garland I made for Christmas.

Velvet Pumpkin Garland

You will need:

Make the Pumpkins

Watch this short tutorial on how to make the velvet pumpkins. To make these mini-sized pumpkins, I started with a circle of fabric with a diameter of about 6 inches. The more irregular-shaped your circle, the more bulgy your little gourds will be.

01 Make Pumpkins

Make, Bake, and Paint the Stems

To make the stems, I used oven-bake clay. I started by rolling out little cylinders about the thickness and height that I wanted my stems to be. Then, I squished the bottoms down a bit to make them get wider. Then, I cut away little sections and smoothed them out. Next, I added some detailing to make it look more natural. Finally, I made a hole through the top of the stem large enough to pull ribbon through. Bake your stems according to the directions on the clay. I baked mine for 30 minutes.

02 Make Stems

Once the stems were cooled, I painted them with gold craft paint. I applied 2 coats for a solid, even color.


Attach the Stems to the Pumpkins

I arranged my pumpkins in the order I wanted them strung on the garland. I then assigned each stem to a pumpkin based on how it would fit on top with the hole for the ribbon facing the right direction.


Once I planned out how everything would be arranged, I used my hot glue gun to adhere the stems to the pumpkins.

06 glue stems

Make the Garland

I cut a length of gold ribbon by holding it up to my mantle and allowing it to droop slightly. Then, I measured the length and divided it by how many pumpkins I had and marked where each pumpkin should be placed in order to be evenly-spaced.

08 Measure

I used a large yarn needle to help thread my ribbon through the holes in the stems.

10 garland

Once each stem got close to the mark on the ribbon I made for it, I dabbed just a bit of hot glue and slid the stem over it just to help hold it in place.

11 glue garland

Continue for the rest of the pumpkins.

09 Garland

I finished by tying little loops on each end of the ribbon to hand it with.

12 Velvet Pumpkin Garland

I really can’t get over how cute these tiny little pumpkins are. I love that I can dress up my mantle with a touch of autumn and still be colorful.


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