Deck The Halls: DIY Pom Pom Garland

The holiday-themed DIY tutorials continue! Today, I’m showing you how to make a Pom Pom Garland.

08 Done

I wanted to make my Christmas tree more cohesive with my existing living room decor. So, when I saw pom pom ornaments for sale at Target, I got inspired to create my own Pom Ornaments and Pom Garland to match my DIY Embroidered Throw Pillows.

06 Done.jpg

Make Mini Poms

Go check out my Pom Ornament Tutorial for a step-by-step guide to making poms. And then create as many mini poms as you need for your desired length of garland.

01 Make Mini Poms02 Yarn Strand

Glue to Yarn

Pull back the sides of the yarn pom to reveal the center of your pom and add a dab of glue. Then, stick it on to your yarn garland an equal distance from the previous one. I used my cardboard frame to help measure equal distance.

03 Glue Pom04 Glue Pom05 Done


Wrap your garland around your tree, hang it above your fireplace or thread it through a pine garland framing a window or doorway.

08 Done

07 Done Freya.jpg

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