Deck The Halls: DIY Hogwarts Tree Garland

Ornament Week may be over, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with holiday-themed DIY tutorials! Today, I’m showing you how to make a Hogwarts Tree Garland.

Last January, my favorite people joined me on a little trip to Universal Studios in Florida to celebrate my birthday.


Somewhere between swishing wands, sipping butterbeer, and riding roller coasters, I spotted this tree garland for sale. And I think it’s the perfect inspiration for my own DIY garland.



I found patches for sale online and picked up felt, ribbon, and sequin trim at the craft store.

03 add sequins and patches

Cut Felt

I opted for a triangular shape, large enough to fit the patches.

02 Cut Felt.jpg

Apply Patches and Trim

My sequin trim was iron-on, but adhere your trim however you want; glue, sew, etc.

04 add sequins.jpg

Attach to Ribbon

I laid out all the triangles and arranged them in an order that balanced the colors and patches. I then glued ribbon to the top of each one to make a garland.

05 arrange order.jpg

06 Glue ribbon


Display the garland by wrapping it around your tree or along a pine garland framing a window.

08 Done07 Done

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