Ornament Week: Pom Ornaments

Welcome to Day 5 of Ornament Week!

This will be my last Ornament Week post this year, BUT I have some other holiday inspiration planned for next week!

If you are just now joining us for ornament week, you can catch up by checking out the other ornament week posts from this year:

Today’s DIY Ornament inspiration: Pom Ornaments!

10 Done_Fotor

I stopped into Target last week to try to find the perfect notebook and an organizer for the upcoming year and took a stroll over to their Christmas section for some inspiration. I found these, and knew I could easily make them with supplies I already have on hand.


Step 1: Cut Frame

I used cardboard to make a frame to wrap my yarn around. The shape pictured below worked well for sliding the pom off the frame. The size of your frame will equal the diameter of your pom, so cut it to the size you want.

Step 2: Wrap yarn

Wrap your yarn of choice around the frame multiple times. There is no magic number of times… you’ll have to use your best judgment depending on your yarn and the size of your frame. Once you have wrapped your frame the desired number of times, cut the yarn at one end.

03 Wrap Yarn.jpg

Step 3: Create Hanger, Cinch Pom

Using a single piece of yarn, create a loop to hang the pom from and tie a double knot. Lay the loop on top of your wrapped yarn as pictured. Take another piece of yarn and tie it around the middle of your wrapped yarn, using the cut out space in your frame. Cinch this yarn as tight as you can in a knot.

04 Make Hanger Loop05 Hanger Loop06 Cinch Middle

Step 4: Slide Off Frame, Cut Ends, Trim

Slide your cinched yarn off the open end of your frame carefully. Cut the looped ends on both sides, being sure not to cut the loop you made to hang it with. Fluff the yarn with your fingers until it becomes more round. Using scissors, trim any pieces that are too long to create a sphere.

07 Slide Off Frame08 Cut Looped Ends09 Trim until Even

Step 5: Display!

Once you have created a perfectly round pom, hang it from your tree!

11 Done_Fotor10 Done_Fotor

Tell me how your DIY ornaments turn out in the comments!

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