Ornament Week: Fabric & Fur Covered Letter Ornaments

Welcome to Day 4 of Ornament Week!

If you are just now joining us for ornament week, you can catch up by checking out the other ornament week posts:

Today’s DIY Ornament inspiration: Fabric & Fur Covered Letter Ornaments!

White F done

K Done_Fotor

I stopped by Target last week to try to find the perfect notebook and an organizer for the upcoming year and took a stroll over to their Christmas section for some inspiration. I found these, and knew I could easily make them with supplies I already have on hand.

I used scrap fabric, cardboard, and other craft supplies I already had so this project cost me $0. You do NOT need to go buy fabric to do this project. You can:

  • Use fabric from your kiddos’ Chrismas jammies that don’t fit anymore (keepsake ornaments made from holiday baby onsies, anyone?)
  • Use scrap fabric you have from old projects
  • Use fabric from clothes you don’t wear anymore
  • Use fabric from throw pillow covers that no longer match your vibe

Step 1: Cut Letters

First, I cut my letters out of a cardboard box (you definitely have a few of these laying around from all your online holiday shopping). I free-handed my letters with the help of a ruler, but you could also use a stencil or print out a letter and trace it. My letters are about 6″ tall.

You need to cut two letters for each ornament.

01 Cut Cardboard

Step 2: Cut Fabric

Next, I traced my cardboard letters on the back of my fabrics of choice. As you can see in the picture, you need to trace the front-facing letter backwards. Then cut around the traced lines leaving extra fabric to fold over the back.

02 Cut Fabric

Step 3: Glue

Using a hot glue gun, add a strip of glue to one side and fold the fabric over to secure. Repeat on the opposite side to keep the cardboard form centered over the fabric. Repeat for all sides, folding over the corner the way you would when wrapping a gift. It also helps if you cut away some of the extra fabric on the corners.

03 Glue

04 Glue

Step 4: Add Ribbon & More Glue

Once both cardboard forms are covered in fabric, you simply need to add a ribbon loop to your corner of choice and glue the two forms together, with the ugly sides facing each other.

05 Glue06 Done07 Done

Step 5: Add Metallic Accents (optional)

Inspired by the fuzzy round ornament I found at target, I wanted to add metallic accents to my furry letters. I had faux gold and silver leaf on hand from some wall art I made from our bedroom. I pulled out a sheet of both gold and silver and used tweezers to make small pieces. I dipped each small piece into a dab of adhesive and applied it the letters.


Step 6: Display!

Once everything is dry, add your handmade ornaments to your tree.

White F done

Tell me how your DIY ornaments turn out in the comments!

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