Ornament Week: Wood Round Memory Ornaments and my 14er Tree

Happy Ornament Week!

Wait… you don’t know what ornament week is… because I just made it up.

I’m calling this week Ornament Week because I’ll be bringing you a new DIY Ornament tutorial EVERY DAY. That’s 5 new posts for you this week!

(Shoutout to Jill for asking for some ornament ideas.)

The first ornament I want to show you are these wood rounds that I made to commemorate our mountain adventures.

14 Done

I know, I know… not everyone spends every weekend in the mountains. But I LOVE this idea because you can use it in so many other ways! Instead of mountain adventures, you can commemorate:

  • Vacations or trips you take every year (instead of a mountain scene you can use palm trees, continent shapes, significant buildings like the Eiffel Tower, animals associated with specific countries like kangaroos, etc.)
  • Plays or musicals you see or are involved in (incorporate the program art instead of a mountain scene)
  • Music festivals or shows you’ve attended (again, can incorporate any special art that was created for the show, or band logos, etc)
  • Marathons or races you participated in that year (include your finishing time, PRs, etc.)
  • I don’t know your life… whatever you’re into, man!

But, since the mountains are a big part of my life, I wanted a way to remember all the 14ers we’ve conquered as well as any other major mountain excursions. This way, I can add to it every year.

Step 1: Tree Topper

I love having little mini themed trees in different rooms of the house, so knowing that my mountain adventure tree would be it’s own mini tree, I needed an appropriate tree topper.

I was able to find a wood round slightly larger than my ornaments at the craft store. I then painted a little mountain scene on it with acrylic paint. Not a painter? No problem – you can decoupage an image on it instead!

02 Wood Topper

Step 2: Print and Pair Photos

I printed out the photos I wanted to use as 2″ x 3″ (two photos per 4″ x 6″ print). I then paired the wood rounds to the photos depending on size and shape, and cut them out.

03 Adding Photos04 Adding Photos

Step 3: Decoupage Photos

I then used Mod Podge to adhere the photos to the wood rounds. My wood rounds were pretty dry, so they soak up the adhesive pretty quickly. I really had to glob it on.

05 Adding Photos06 Adding Photos

Step 4: Add Screw Hooks

I found some screw hooks in my toolbox that were the perfect size. I was able to screw mine in by hand, but if you’re having trouble, try drilling a pilot hole.

07 Adding Screw Hooks

Step 5: Add Twine Bows

I threaded some twine through the screw hooks and tied a double knot, followed by a small bow, to create a loop to attach the rounds to the tree.

08 Adding Twine09 Adding Twine

Step 6: Paint the Mountain Scene

I started doing this with a paint pen because I thought it would be easier. But the dry wood soaked up so much paint that it ended up being inefficient. Instead, I used a fine tip brush and acrylic craft paint.

10 Paint.jpg

Step 7: Display!

Display however you want! Painted side out, photo side out, a combination of both… you do you.

13 Done

Tell me how your memory ornaments turn out in the comments!

And be sure to subscribe to this blog so you won’t miss out on the rest of Ornament Week!

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