DIY Botanical Print Gallery

If you’ve been following this blog, you know by now that we have SO much more space than we did in Minneapolis. But SO much more space also means we have SO many more walls. Empty walls. Walls that look boring and barren without anything on them. Walls that could cost a fortune to fill with framed art.

So when I came across a set of framed vintage-looking botanical prints selling online for upwards of $200, I got inspired to create my own.

10 Botanical Print Gallery

One of huge cost-cutters for me was ordering these books. You could also shell out $60 for a beautiful, hardcover botanical book, but I couldn’t justify it knowing that I was going to cut up many of the pages with illustrations. I’ll link all of materials at the bottom of this post if you want to re-create this look.

01 Book

Based on the available space of my wall, I figured out that I could fit five 8″ x 10″ frames across, and four high. So, I started searching online and scouring stores to find a great deal on frames. There’s no way I was going to pay full-price for 20 frames at once! I ended up buying them at Michaels when they had a great BOGO deal going on, and bought them in packs of 5. When I break it down, I ended up spending about $2.50 on each frame.

The easy part is cutting the prints out of the book and loading them into your frames. I then laid them all out on the floor to try to balance out the color and fullness… creating a balance throughout.

04 Floor

20 frames could also be 20 holes in your wall (or more if you use the “trial-and-error” method of hanging). I LOVE to use the 3M velcro strips to hang frames. Then, when I get bored of this look, I don’t have to patch and repaint the walls. It’s brilliant. With my tape measure and laser level, I applied one side of the velcro strips to the wall where I want each of my prints to hang.

05 Measure

Hanging the frames is as easy as applying velcro tabs to the center back of each frame, and pressing it firmly against the tab on the wall.

06 Hang

I love how my DIY Faux Marble Planters frame out the top of the gallery wall. And I even downloaded some smaller prints of Coffee and Tea plants to print at home and put in smaller frames for the coffee station (I can’t wait to paint that table).

09 Botanical Print Gallery

08 Coffee

Now, all that’s left to do in this room is to DIY a chandelier, and strip and refinish the furniture. Be sure to follow this blog for all my new home DIYs and be the first to see the completed room.


Botanical Print Book         3M Hanging Strips         Laser Level

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