Faux Marble Planters

Okay, who was responsible for telling me that contact paper is one of the most versatile craft materials ever? Because they totally dropped the ball…

We scheduled a home visit with a dog rescue group just a few short weeks after we moved in… and wanting to make a good impression, I was scrambling to make last minute aesthetic updates to make it look like I kind of, sort of, sometimes have my life together.

06 Style Planters

Our dining area has high vaulted ceilings with sky lights, so there was this weird empty space that starts where a ceiling would normally intersect the wall. I had already hung a shelf above my vintage botanical print wall (tutorial coming soon!), but I had nothing with height to put on top of it. And that’s when I unboxed these faux ferns that I had purchased years ago, previously used to add color and texture to high shelves. See, I have live plants all over our house… many of them even have names, but putting a live plant on a high shelf almost always ends in plant homicide. If they are hard to get to, they are hard to water, and you’ll certainly neglect them as they die a slow, dry death. So, for a shelf that you can’t reach, faux greenery is the way to go!

But I didn’t have any vases or planters that would work in this space. With a few hours until our home inspector was due to arrive, I created these faux marble planters as a temporary solution… but was so pleased with them that they remain on my high shelf today.


First, I didn’t have any boxes that were the right size, so I cut up a larger box, and made three equal sized boxes, using my hot glue gun to secure the flaps together. If you’re not pressed for time, perhaps you can even buy boxes or bins to eliminate this step.

01 Boxes

Cut Contact Paper to Size

I had purchased this contact paper to cover the top of my desk (tutorial coming soon!), but was willing to sacrifice some of it to this project. By laying my box on its side, I cut the contact paper down to size… accounting for enough to cover three of the four sides (the fourth side will be against the wall… so I chose not to cover that side). The grid lines on the back made it super easy! When in doubt, cut it slightly larger than it needs to be, and you can trim it down later.

02 Cut Contact Paper

Apply Contact Paper to Boxes

I found that the key to applying the contact paper is to do it just a little bit at a time. Start by folding back 1/8 of an inch of contact paper from the liner, and apply it to the edge of your box. Next, peel off a bit more liner and allow the exposed sticky parts to apply itself to the box. Continue this process until all sides (or three, in my case) are covered. Smooth out any air bubbles with your fingers or a scraper.

03 Apply Contact Paper


Next, with an exacto knife, box cutter, or small scissors, trim any excess contact paper from the edges.

05 Done


Finally, style your planters. I had to use random objects to weigh down the boxes since most of the weight from my faux ferns fell on the front side of the boxes (again, could use something that makes more sense if you’re not pressed for time).

07 Style Planters

I can’t wait to show you all the other ways I’ve used contact paper in unconventional ways!

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