DIY Baby Shower Gift Basket

Today is my niece’s first birthday! It seems like just yesterday I was putting together a basket of gifts for the baby shower. How has a year gone by!? This little girl is the pride and joy of her grandparents, aunts and uncles spread all across the country. Being the first baby in the family, we are all completely enthralled by her. In fact, a large part of our Christmas gathering was just sitting around in a circle and watching her. Watching her put things in her mouth. Watching her pick up little plastic balls and drop them. Watching her pull herself up. For hours.

I think she’s the smartest, funniest, and happiest little girl in the world and I’m so excited to watch her grow up. Living a few states away, I don’t get to see her as often as I would like, but thanks to modern technology, I can usually check out what she’s been up to via my sister-in-law’s Snapchat.

Knowing that I wanted to start this blog well over a year ago, I documented everything I put in the gift basket for the baby shower. I hope these will spark some ideas for creating your own gift baskets.

Baby Basket

Something Homemade

The first thing I wanted to give is, of course, a handmade baby blanket. I know that my mother had been given handmade baby blankets when I was born, and I think it’s a wonderful tradition to keep alive. I found out that the nursery will be done in shades of lavender and selected my yarns with that in mind.

Crocheted Baby Blanket

Blanket Sea Shell Pattern
I learned how to crochet a seashell pattern with the help of this tutorial

With some leftover yarn, I also crocheted a few headbands

Something to Read

The entire theme of this shower was book related. With the invitations, we were provided a little pocket and card that libraries used to use in their books, and in lieu of giving a card with the gift, we were to write our message on the card to go inside the book. I steered away from the most popular baby books, simply because I wanted to avoid giving her duplicates. Time for Bed is a classic, and I love that it has a sheep on the front. My siblings and I raised and showed sheep in our youth, so it’s a little personal touch. Then I also found a series of books all about sheep! And selected two of those to accompany it.

Sheep Baby Books
Sheep in a Shop | Time For Bed | Sheep Out to Eat

Something Cuddly

Since all the books are all related to sheep in some way, why not add cuddly sheep? This Melissa & Doug cuddler even came with a neck ribbon that matched my colors!

Lovey Lamb
Melissa & Doug Lovey Lamb

Something From The Registry

Next, I think it’s imperative to always include something from the registry. With babies, it’s easy to go straight for the adorable tiny clothes and all the toys, but everyone I know who has had a baby has only worn a fraction of the clothes they were gifted and have ended up giving them away later. I selected a few necessary items from the registry; the bottles she wants to use, some diapers, newborn onesies, and socks.

Something Funny

Finally, I gave in and selfishly picked out some 6-9 month onesies. I just love anything related to Harry Potter and dinosaurs, so I had to! Right? I was able to order these in colors that matched the rest of my basket.

Fun Onesies
I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good Onesie | My Auntie Loves Me Onesie

Something to Put Things In

I arranged everything in this purple polka dotted basket I found at Target. I cut out cardboard to slide inside the onesies to make them stand up, and I put the less attractive gift items in the bottom of the basket. Then, layered the blanket so the edges spilled out the top, and arranged everything else on top.

Purple Basket


Baby BasketBaby Basket Closeup

And, because she’s the cutest….

What are your favorite things to gift at baby showers? Let me know in the comments!

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