Daily Dose of Green

Making Green Juice with My Omega J8006 Juicer

When I lived in Chicago, my apartment was just down the street from the cutest little juice shop. They offered wheat grass shots, a selection of cold pressed bottles, and freshly juiced specialty drinks. It was here that my deep affinity for wheat grass and green juice came to be. It took almost a full year before I found a juice shop in Minneapolis that’s even close to what I was used to. Check out the links to both establishments at the bottom of this post.

Now, I’ve never tried a juice fast – or bought into juicing as a meal replacement. I use it to supplement nutrition that is otherwise missing from my diet. I usually have fairly healthy eating habits, but I know I’m not getting enough of that good stuff that’s packed in leafy greens. This juice helps to gap that bridge, and I know exactly what’s going into my body.

Morning Green Juice

Ever since I got my Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer, I’ve been trying to have a green juice every day. My reality is that it only happens about 3 – 4 times a week. The twenty minutes it takes to wash, chop and juice the fruits and veggies, and disassemble and wash all the parts of the juicer doesn’t always fit into my morning routine.

My Omega J8006 Juicer

Omega Juicer in Green
Image Source

Isn’t it cute? If you’re into juicing at home, you can’t go wrong with this one. I did a lot of research to determine which machine would the best for me, so if you’re needs are similar to mine, buy this! (not a sponsored post)

Why It’s Right For Me

  1. I knew I wanted a masticating juicer instead of a centrifugal one. What’s the difference? Masticating juicers use a revolving auger to squeeze the juice out, whereas the centrifugal juicers use fast spinning blades. While most centrifugal juicers are more reasonably priced, they are generally less efficient and your juice will be exposed to more oxidation. Masticating juicers also work better for leafy greens.
  2. It works for juicing wheat grass!
  3. It’s easy to assemble, dissemble, and clean. As something that I intended to use every day, having parts that are easy to put together and clean (dishwasher safe!) was very important.
  4. It has a 15 year warranty. 15 years!
  5. Counter space. We have a 1-bedroom apartment in downtown Minneapolis… I can’t have a huge clunky machine taking up counter space. The Omega is small enough to keep out on the counter, but could also easily fit into a cupboard.
  6. It comes in different colors!

My Morning Green Juice

While I’ll swap in different greens depending on what’s fresh at the market, the basics remain the same.

Morning Green Juice


  • Green Kale
  • Lacinto Kale
  • Broccoli Rabe (if available)
  • Lemon
  • Apple
  • Cucumber
  • Ginger


Juicing Tips

  1. Wash your produce. I like to wash everything when I bring it home, except for the leafy greens, so all I have to do is grab it from the fridge. I’ll always rinse the greens right before I juice.
  2. Use a peeler to remove the outer layer of the rind from your citrus – you CAN put citrus in the juicer with the rind on, but I prefer to remove it, even when buying organic, because even after washing it can house chemicals. Be sure to leave on the pith of the rind, as it has nutritional value.Peel Rind
  3. Core the apple – don’t juice the seeds! Apple seeds contain minuscule amounts of arsenic, which builds up in your body over time.Core Apple
  4. Cut everything into a size that will fit into your juicer’s shoot. Pictured is a double-batch, because I was making a juice for Kyle at the same time.Sliced to Juice
  5. Then juice! I like to alternate putting in leafy greens and then a few slices of something else… I think it helps keep the auger area clear.
  6. Finally, strain. My juicer has a strainer that fits nicely over the receptacle the juice goes into, so the straining is already done for me.
  7. Drink it right away! You’ll get the most from your juice if you drink it immediately. Since my walk to work is only 10 minutes, I like to bottle mine and bring it with me so I can drink it at my desk.

Drink Green Juice

What do you like to juice? Let me know in the comments below!

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Check out CITY PRESS Juice and Bottle in Chicago and TRUCE in Minneapolis.

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